Images in Integral

  • Hi, so I’m having a continual issue with my website – images that I have in it aren’t showing, which makes my website look bad. Also, when I look at it in Safari, the page doesn’t even set out right.

    It’s driving me around the twist – I have to repeatedly load to get it to work, and I know people visiting my site aren’t doing that and are immediately leaving.

    Hello Tony,

    It seems to be a server, permissions or plugin issue.

    Try disabling all the plugins except those required by the theme.

    If the problem goes away you will have identified the source of the problem.

    Let me know if that does NOT work.

    It can’t be a server or permissions issue as I have the same theme running on the same server in a different WP and that’s working perfectly…

    removing plugins just breaks the site. Wondering if it’s Redux doing this.

    I go to and open it. No images. I refresh. Some images. Refresh again. Another image.

    Five refreshes and all the images work. But that doesn’t help me…

    Hello Tony,

    I doubt it’s an issue with Redux as nobody else has reported this issue.

    If you say disabling plugins breaks the site, then that’s a red flag.

    The most important plugin is Redux, if you disable all plugins but keep that once active, does the problem go away?

    By the way, I just visited your site and refreshed the page 5-6 times without any issues.

    Yesterday I saw the issue.

    Hello again Tony,

    Try clearing your browser cache and visiting the site again.

    Let me know if you see the problem?

    So here’s a weird thing. It works perfectly fine when I open it in incognito mode, but even with cache cleared the images don’t show until multiple refreshes…

    Yah that is weird.

    Can you try with a different browser?

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