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  • Hi there,

    I am trying to update the images on the Homepage but they are not updating. In fact, they no longer show. I believe they are linking to an old instance as shown in Console (see screenshot 1) The address in console for the bg image is not my IP and won’t respond to any pings etc. No matter what image I change it to it won’t work.

    Also tried forcing the line in stylesheet for the Hero image but it gets over written by php but I can’t find where from. It does work providing you untick the bad URL, then the image (bumped further down DOM in console) appears and looks as intended (see 3rd screenshot). This would be a bodge fix as the other images further down the page don’t work.

    They did work when I initially installed the theme but not for long. I only have 4 plugins – Akismet, CF7, Redux and Demo Content.

    Screenshots here.



    Make sure you have first properly configured the homepage one-page layout template.

    Go to Appearance > Getting Started with Integral and follow the steps.

    Once that is done go to Integral Options > Welcome to edit the welcome section.

    It will work as intended.

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    Once you have setup the one-page layout you must customize from the Integral Options panel.

    Not the default customizer. That is why you are having trouble.

    In your admin panel you on the left hand side you will see an menu option entitled “Integral Options”.

    Click on that.

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    lol no worries, yeah I figured you were looking in the wrong place 😉

    LMK if you have any other questions.

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