Import/Export text in the div.feature

  • hello,

    I’m using Integral Pro theme (Yes I upgraded!) in my local environment and production environment.
    I’m syncing my configuration using Import/Export setting in Integral Options, but some of the configurations couldn’t be synced.
    For example, text and icons inside the div.feature in the section#features, section#service, etc.
    Is there any way to export them at once, or should I copy & paste every text one by one?



    I think the text “Project Grid” on line 16 in project-grid.php should be replaced by

    <?php echo $integral['project-grid-maintitle']; ?>

    And I think .feature in the section#features needs “clearfix” class. (collapsed in some window size.)

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    Hi @snmgazm,

    The features, services and team members are widgets. So you will need to export the widgets and import them. This guide will help you,

    Start by exporting the widgets and importing to the new installation.

    As for the Projects Grid title, I believe you are right. Go ahead and replace the text with what you mentioned.

    I will fix the bug and release an update.

    Hi @snmgazm

    Make sure you have the latest version of Integral Pro. We released v1.1 last week.

    It fixes most of the issues you mentioned.

    To download, log into your account and download it again.

    Hi Hans,

    Thank you so much for your advice and update!
    I’ll check it.

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