Improving site, theme optimization

  • Hi,

    I am considering your theme(s) (especially Integral) but it seems it’s
    not as light or optimized as I’d like.

    I checked on here where you can see some stats and the test results:

    I’ll be using it for a design business and therefore will have quite
    a lot of media uploaded to it, so ideally the theme itself is already
    super fast and light.

    Are there any future plans into optimization for this theme
    (beyond image reduction, which I’ll be doing on my own images?


    Images account for 80% or more of the page size on the demo and they haven’t been fully optimized. We also don’t have any form on caching on there either.

    Here is a pingdom tools test!/cMzZnu/ which is quite good, though not perfect. Rarely do websites rank above 90%.

    It will also always be slower on mobile devices.

    We will be improving it over time but at this point it really is up to the end user to optimize images and add a caching and page optimization plugin.

    I understand regarding images and caching, as I mentioned already.

    In fact, the site I’m working on at this point has better optimized
    images and about half the page size (2MB) and requests ( it’s nearly empty,
    apart from part of the homepage) but using the Pingdom test, it’s
    already quite slow at roughly 2.5-3s

    So I worry what it would get if the whole site is finished.

    There is some caching optimization that I can do here (not fully, since
    some of the work and marketing images should get updated fairly regularly)
    so I guess I’ll see how much that saves me.


    Keep in mind also that one-page themes have large homepages, so they tend to be larger than your usual theme/website. Since its intended purpose is to display all the site’s content on the homepage.

    Server response time is also a factor, ours is a little slow at the moment and we are working on upgrading our servers.

    Well in my case I haven’t even added much yet
    and am actually planning to use it as a regular 5-6 page site
    (with just the homepage being enough of a general overview).

    Same here, I’m probably on a slower server so I’ll have to
    make it work with whatever I can do in getting a light theme
    and optimizing the media used.

    I like the theme though, so will see what I can do to improve speed.



    I just sent you an email.

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