Include grid portfolio on a page

  • Hi, I bought Integral Pro last week and really like it.

    I know how to set the grid portfolio on the homepage, but would like to make an extended portfolio on one of the pages.
    Would this be possible or would I have to download an additional portfolio plugin?

    Thank you!

    Hello 🙂

    I’m glad you like the theme.

    Since it was designed to be a one-page theme it concentrates your content on the homepage.

    What you could do is use a portfolio plugin and then create a link to the portfolio page in the description of the project on the homepage.

    I’m aiming for the same thing described here. Is there a portfolio plugin that would work well with your theme? It seems you have fullwidth and single page template – each of these could be used to display an individual project – I am just looking for how to create an index page for projects listed in the wordpress ‘portfolio’ section….

    Ah! Nevermind – I just created a ‘Portfolio’ page, and the preview shows that if I specify your full-width Template page, I get a tidy ‘Archives’ index with all of my listed portfolio projects – so this is perfect. Is there an easy way to remove the sidebar elements so that I can see just the list of projects? Thanks in advance!


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