Including arbitrary text within a homepage section

  • Hi,

    I’m wanting to include some intro text within some of the homepage options. For example, I’d like some text to sit directly above ‘Features’. When I add a text widget inside the ‘Homepage Features Section’, it then sits inside the first column. Is there a way to do this or am I able to create a new homepage section/duplicate an existing one, e.g. the about section, that is just a header and some text?


    I understand what you mean.

    You can do this by editing the theme files.

    The file in question is located in /sections/features.php but it will require a bit of coding knowledge.

    You can also use another section like the About section, but remove the title and sub title and you can use it as a simple content section. You can then place it above the features section.

    If you cannot do that, I can edit the file for you. I just need admin access.

    Thank you.

    Presumably if I use the About section for this purpose I won’t then be able to use it again for the real About section on the homepage?

    I’m not able to provide admin access as I’m working on a local version at the moment. Are you able to give me any pointers what I’d need to add a title and subtitle within the features.php file please? If possible I’d like it to be editable in the options panel in case my client wants to update it.


    Yes that is correct you won’t be able to use it again.

    Yes there are two files you need to edit in that case.


    However, explaining it would’t be very easy, it will be easier to edit the files and send you a copy.

    Are you able to upload the files to a remote server?

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