Increasing font size in child theme

  • Hello,

    If you look at any bullet points in my website (, you will notice that the font after them is larger than the font where there are no bullet points. In the past I’ve solved that problem by going to Appearance > Editor and adding some code to style.css in the child theme.

    If you go to Appearance > themes in my dashboard, you will notice that there is a theme called “Integral Pro Child”.

    I get an error message when I go to Appearance > Editor. It says that I should be editing a child theme.

    Considering the problems I’ve been having with the wrong ZIP file, how can I change style.css for the child theme so that I increase the size of the font?


    PS My website looks much more professional than it did this morning. I’m still nervous about having clicked the wrong ZIP file and having to consequently use the username & password of my other Integral Pro website. Do you see any problems with the website?


    After lots of work, I was able to solve the problem. The solution is in this blog post:

    Feel free to let your clients see that.


    Hello Peter,

    It seems that you mentioned all possible ways to add custom CSS code to your theme. If we have any support tickets regarding unordered list styling, we will pass customers to your guide.


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