Infinite scroll refresh not in first page

  • Hi,

    If you will scroll to the bottom of the post, the scroll bar will go nuts.

    Also when you refresh the page once your in the bottom, instead refreshing it to the 1st page it goes to another page.

    Need assistance for this,

    Hello @Neverender24

    I had a look, it seems like one of your plugins may be causing the issue.

    I think it may be the Adbox Widget/Plugin.

    Try disabling your plugins until the problem goes away, then you’ll have identified the culprit.

    Let me know if that works.


    I don’t have such plugin, also I have small variety of plugins also, i have tried to disabled any possible suspects but still no good.

    I hope you can help me with this, thank you


    It seems you disabled the widget with the ads.

    I just checked the website and it seems to be working properly.

    Can you clarify better what the issue is?


    If you scroll to the bottom of the page, you can see the scroll bar going ups and downs, also when you refresh the page, it won’t refresh in the beginning of the page instead to another page.


    I hope you can support me with my problem, its been 3 days now


    My apologies for the delay. I thought I had responded to your ticket already, it seems I did not.

    I am currently looking into the reason for this issue for you.

    It does not do it on the demo site and on our dev site.

    It may be due to the fact you did not add any widgets in the footer.

    From what I read about Jetpack’s infinite scroll feature it loads the next bunch of posts once you’ve scrolled down to 50% of the screen (or the posts currently viewable on the screen).

    If you disable ALL the plugins except the ones required with the theme and the problem is still present, then it must be something with Jetpack or the configuration.

    We are currently looking into it for you.

    As I have look into your plugin configuration tutorial, as I have observed the jetpack settings is not the same look as the one in your settings.

    Maybe you missed something with jetpack updates, as there are lot of options now for scrolling something like

    Load more posts using the default theme behavior
    Load more posts in page with a button
    Load more posts as the reader scrolls down

    Optimize your site for smartphones
    Use excerpts instead of full posts on front page and archive pages
    Show featured images
    Show an ad for the WordPress mobile apps in the footer of the mobile theme

    Hope you will have fix for this
    thank you


    Have you found fix to my problem? Its been almost two weeks now.

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    Hello @Neverender24,

    I am sorry for such a late response. It seems that ‘min-height’ attributes are being added to ‘infinite-view’ class. In some specific places on your front page, those attributes are being added and then suddenly removed, which is causing page being higher and then again lower (scrollbar is smaller and again bigger).

    Could you please send us screen of your scrolling settings?


    Hey @neverender24,

    Just wanted to notice you, that we are working on resolving your issue. I will get back to you with any updates on this.

    Best wishes

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    Hello @neverender24,

    Thanks for the credentials, I was supposed to ask you for the temporary login details. I am sure that it will make things faster.

    I’ll get back with you as soon as we know exactly what’s going on there.

    Thanks for your patience.


    I see what the issue is on your site. When I scroll to the bottom the vertical scroll jumps up and down and the page number in the URL bar jumps between 2 and 5.

    However, I am unable to reproduce this issue on our development site.

    Also, it only happens in Chrome for me. It does not do it in Firefox.

    I may have recommended this to you previously but have you tried disabling ALL plugins, except the required ones to see if the issue persists?

    You should disable them all and then log out. Clear your browser cache and cookies and see if the problem persists.

    You can also create a website backup before just in case.

    You have many plugins installed and running, there is a big chance one of them is causing a conflict.

    If you do that we can try and identify which one is causing the issue.

    Unfortunately for now that is all I can recommend as there are no JS or CSS issues popping up on the site and it only seems to happen with Chrome.

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