Integral Lite / redirected you too many times

  • I’ve installed integral lite. Every time when having installed The Demo Import Plugin my site cannot be reached due to this error ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS

    Is there any solution or work around?

    Please don’t become too technical as I’m new to the WP world 😉

    Hello @rowena,

    Hope you’re doing well. Could you deactivate all plugins except the ones needed by theme and try again?

    Thank you,

    You may have not understood me correctly. I have ONLY installed the 3 plugins recommended by the theme. I’ve installed them in sequential order as I encountered this problem earlier. I decided to install fresh WP, then installed Integral Lite and then 1st the Redux plug-in. After checking the site could be reached I installed Contact Form 7. Still the site could be reached. After that I installed Theme Demo Import and then the error occurred.
    Again no other plug ins are installed

    UPDATE … I did some trial and error and found out the following … The problem does not seem related to any of the plugins. Instead the problem occurs only when “Front page displays” is set to “A static page” AND the front page is set to the page as created per you instructions. I’ve left the front page section unselected for now, but that is not how it should be. Hope this gives you more accurate indications to resolve the problem. Looking forward to you reply.

    Hello @Rowena

    We have been unable to replicate your issue on our end.

    Can you provide admin credentials to your site so we can have a look ourselves?

    Make sure to select “Set as private reply” when responding.

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    Hello @Rowena

    You will also need to provide us with the URL (address) of the website otherwise we cannot login.

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    I logged into your site.

    I activated 3 other themes and they all have the same error message when visiting the homepage.

    I believe you may have an issue with your installation of WordPress.

    I would suggest contacting your hosting company or try-reinstalling a fresh version of WordPress.

    This may also help you

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