Integral Pro Customisation & Questions

  • Hello Hans

    I recently purchased your Integral Pro theme for use on a new clients website. This is the first time I have built a site using WordPress (usually use Rapidweaver) so I’m still finding my way around the whole process.

    However, my client has asked me to make a reasonable number of visual changes to their Integral themed website (colours, text sizes, etc), some of these I have done already using the options you provide within the theme, however, others I am struggling to do as I don’t know the code or where to put additional code. I have listed these cosmetic change questions below under the title ‘Cosmetic Changes’.

    The other questions I have relate in general to the way the site is responsive across different devices and how/why it doesn’t always look right on some devices. The questions are listed below under the title ‘Responsive Issues’.

    I really hope you can help and appreciate there a quite a lot of questions to resolve and I thank you in advance for your assistance.

    By the way – really loving the theme!!

    1) Can I make all the page titles the same text size throughout (work, contact, etc are bigger than team, testimonials, etc which are smaller – want these all the same size)
    2) Can I remove the tramlines that appear either side of every title
    3) On the team section, can I make all the photos square and also remove the zoom effect as no one likes it – looks a bit weird. Also whats the ideal image size (in px)?
    4) How can I remove the drop shadow effect that appears on some of the text i.e. Testimonials section
    5) How can I add a full width block of solid colour behind some specific paragraphs of text on pages such work or services

    1) When viewed on a mobile device, iPhone, iPad, can the navigation menu be set up to auto close once you’ve tapped on a page. At present the drop down nag menu stays open covering up a lot of the selected page, you ned to tap on the nag icon to close the window to view the page.
    2) When viewed on an iPhone & iPad Mini the text that appears over the banner image gets cropped at little at the top, you often only see the bottom half of the title text – can this be corrected?

    1) Why does some pages i.e. work, services, etc. require the content to be pulled from other non-visible pages and yet other pages such as features, projects, testimonials require you to add content via specific widgets – why not add the content directly on each page along with any styling, etc.

    Kind regards

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