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  • Hello Hans

    I have a problem with the non responsive presentation of my web site I did with the theme Integral Pro.
    On a big and normal screen the presentation is nice, but not on a tablet and less on a smart phone. I said to someone to putin the img-responsive class. But where I have to put in that, and your are sure that this will help for every image image andthe other stuff I have got inside of my site?

    The url is:

    Hello there,

    Hope your day is going well. It seems that one of your plugins is causing it. Could you try disabling HTML5 Virtual Classroom to see if it makes things better?


    Hello Piotrek

    Thank you very much for your good advice. It was indeed theplugin Virtual Classroom from Btaincert. I have desactivated it and it looks now much better.
    I am very happy with your support. Always I am receiving very fast a very good answer. That’s for me a real super support. Thank you again.
    Best regards
    Beat Carl


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