Integral Theme Pro – Multiple Use

  • Hello, I want to purchase Integral Pro Theme that costs $67 ($60.3 after 10% discount). My question is can I use this theme for multiple domains (multiple websites) as I would be working on multiple projects and would need to use this theme (as it perfectly suits my requirement!) for different clients. And would you still provide 24/7 priority support if I have any issues (although I know I won’t have any issues) with building any websites using this website? In short, I will require Integral Pro Theme with all features enabled for unlimited domain usage with 24/7 support. Please advise.

    Nirav Nagda

    Hello Nirav,

    You can use the theme on as many domains as you wish.

    However, the license for automatic updates is only good for 1 domain.

    You can purchase additional licenses at a 50% discount if you wish.

    Hi Hans,

    Thank you for replying. How frequently are the updates released? Does it mean if an update is released every quarter or once every six months, I’ll have to pay for all my websites again! Then, even at 50% discount, I’ll be incurring costs for every website I own. My decision really depends on how frequently the updates are released?

    Thanks again,
    Nirav Nagda

    Hello Nirav,

    There is no ongoing costs, only a one-time payment.

    The license is just for automatic updates.

    You can install the theme on as many domains as you wish but if you want to get a license to update them all automatically then you can purchase additional licenses.

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