Integrate Icgrams Email Subscribers & Newsletters

  • Hello, i like to integrate Icgrams Email Subscribers & Newsletters in my new design as i am quite confident with this. How can i integrate a form for that into the Newsletter section of the Frontpage ?

    Icegram says i can integrate by putting a short code somewhere (but where ?) or can integrate by using PHP code and put an additional piece somewhere (but where ?).

    Short code
    [email-subscribers-form id=”{form-id}”]
    PHP code
    es_subbox( $namefield = “YES”, $desc = “”, $group = “” );

    Sorry i am totally lost with this. It might be obvious – i am new to this stuff

    BR Chris

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    Hello Chris,

    Does ICGrams give you the option of embedding the form code?

    If yes, you can paste the code into the Newsletter Form Code field located in the Newsletter section of Integral Options Panel.

    If you want to use a shortcode the newsletter.php file will need to be modified a little for it to work.

    Hello Hans,

    thank you for your quick reaction. Unfortunately it does not help me very much. My question was more on HOW to do that, whar you are telling me. This was also the reason why i was giving the short code and the line of code i was given by Icegram. When it put
    es_subbox( $namefield = “YES”, $desc = “”, $group = “” );
    to the Newsletter Form Code field, it is show as text and nothing happens. Adn what would be the right syntox to put the short code
    [email-subscribers-form id=”{form-id}”]
    into the newsletter.php file, as this does look neihter like php nor like html.
    Thanks in advance for your help.
    BR Chris

    after lots of googling i found the following
    <?php echo do_shortcode(“[email-subscribers-form id=”1″]”); ?>
    but this does also not work if i put it to the Newsletter Form Code field

    So plase give me a hint how to proceed …

    Hello Chris,

    The code you entered is not HTML form code as required by that field.

    If you want to use your shortcode you must add it to the newsletter.php file directly.

    In your Admin Dashboard navigate to Appearance > Theme Editor and select the newsletter.php file located in the sections folder.

    On line 22 of that file you will replace the Mailchimp PHP code with that of your shortcode.

    That should work.

    Hi Hans,

    thank you for this exact description. It does exactly what i wanted.

    Is this a persistend change, or does it vanish if i update the plug in once ?

    BR Chris

    Hello Chris,

    It will be wiped out the next time you update the theme.

    What you should do is install the child theme. copy the newsletter.php file to the child theme’s new directory and make the changes there.

    That way, future updates won’t wipe out your changes.

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