Issues with integral pro

  • Hello!

    Just installed integral pro on mysite, and found a couple of issues i need help with:

    1) The blog page itself doesnt work since it doesnt exist (When you clikc read the blog from the main page)

    2) How to adjust where the images start with the parallax effect? At the moment some of them start where the beging of the image and the end loops and this looks akward.

    3) Also found a bug, that is you go to a different page, the manu adjusts incorrectly and stops working.
    For example if you got to a pecific blog page example
    it tries to find menu ankers on that blog page which it cant hence resulting in no action

    Thanks for the help 🙂


    A bit of progress here. Did a fresh install, aparently some of the bug were casued by the upgrade from the free version to the pro one.

    So fresh install and a new sql db.

    1)The blog fixed itself

    2)The parallax pictures still abi out of order, needs some css tuning – need help here

    3)The menu sort of fixed itself however now from the blog section the menu points to demo.themely website?

    Hello @tkuzmin

    #1 – If you imported the demo content it would of imported a page entitled Blog. Which is why ti is working. You have to create a page and set it as the blog when you first setup the theme.

    #2 – Can you provide a screenshot? You could always use an image which is vertically longer. That is most likely the issue.

    #3 – That is because you imported the demo content, you will need to edit your menu. Read this

    I hope this has helped you.

    Yes, thanks. Got pretty much everything in order and working! 🙂

    Quick question about instagram – i took an instagram plugin and inserted the php code on the extra 1 page to call the function.

    1) Is there a standard build-in way in wordpress to call the instagram feed?
    2) If i keep the plugin the way it is now, how do i add the scroll animation to the section?

    Thanks, Tim

    Hello Tim,

    Hope you are doing great.

    1) Unfortunately, there is no any built-in WordPress way to call Instagram feed.
    2) You can create a custom link in your menu, and link it to /#extra1

    I hope the above is useful to you.



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