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  • Hi again,

    When we send a link to someone the picture is a random picture from our website, and the text is Sample Page. See this

    How can I edit so that the picture is our cover picture, and the text is our link address –

    Best, Julie

    Hello Julie,

    It must be because you are using the page titled Sample Page for your selected homepage.

    You can either change the name of that page or install a SEO plugin like Yoast SEO to help you set the proper meta titles and descriptions for your pages.

    Yoast SEO

    Hi Hans,
    Thanks for the reply.
    However, I tried to change the name. Everything went wrong when doing that. Had to call a company to fix it. Still have a minor issue to work out as we can´t go to any other page when being on the Blog page… They are on it though.
    An idea for the theme could be that the link always contains the domain name and the company logo, so it doesn´t pull in Sample Page default. Just an idea 🙂
    Waiting for Google to authenticate our website for me to proceed with Yoast.
    Best, Julie

    Hello Julie,

    The idea you are suggesting isn’t related to themes but to core WordPress functionality.

    So we cannot control that from within a theme. It is up to the user to configure page names and the logo.

    In regards to the menu, you can add a forward slash to the menu URL.

    Like this


    So that when on other pages it will take you back to the homepage.

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