List option has different lettersize

  • I’m having problems when using the list option

      using Integral Pro. The standard text has been set to the Google Font “Assistant” however, when using the <ul.> option, the text changes size (bigger) while I would like it to be similar as the standard text. Any tips on this part where I can change those values?


    I checked out your website and see you figured it out.

    Do you still require assistance?

    Hi Hans,

    My collegue helped me out with some custom CSS. Its not the final solution as this will probably need be used everytime I use a list option but will work for now.

    This is the CSS used;

    .content ul,.content li,
    .content blockquote {
    font-size: 1rem;

    Thanks, Martijn

    Hello Martijn,

    Actually the code you used will work for any lists, now and in the future.

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