Main menu item does not work when sub menu item is added

  • Hi there.

    The standard main menu worked fine with the #Services for instance. Then it would scroll to the services part of the one page website.
    Adding sub menu items cancels this functionality and makes it only possible to click on the sub menu items.

    Main menu item Services
    – Sub menu item Service A
    – Sub menu item Service B
    – Sub menu item Service C

    The main menu item still has the #services link, but clicking it does not do anything. I can only go to Service A, B or C.

    Using integral Lite. Thanks!

    Kind regards,
    Fokko Keuning


    Yes this is the intended functionality, it is not a bug.

    If not, you would not be able to toggle open the parent menu on mobile devices. It would link you to the parent menu’s link.

    So the parent menu acts as an anchor.

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