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  • Hello!
    Can you please help me figure out how to create space and center image widgets in the contact section of my website? The WP form contact form is left justified and the images are in the right column along the side of the form. Should be ideal for showing company logo and other professional organization logos.

    I used two image widgets but they fit too closely together. Need gap or more padding around each image to look appropriate. Also, is there a preferred image ratio/size to use in the image widgets?


    Hi Lea,

    You will have to add some CSS code and add a bottom-padding property.

    Or, you can use an HTML widget and add HTML line breaks
    and place it between the images. You can use several line breaks to create more space.

    Just to clarify you were referring to the vertical space between the images, correct?

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    Hello Lea,

    You can adjust the margins/padding between headings and subheadings in various different ways.

    1. By editing the php file controlling that section.
    2. With some CSS code targeting all sections or just specific sections

    To your 2nd question, you should have an option to set the number of pricing tables per row, if there is just 2 they should be centered.

    can you send me a link to your site so I can have a look?

    Hello again Lea,

    In your Admin Dashboard, go to Appearance > Customize > One-Page Sections > Pricing Tables Section.

    You will see a Layout setting. Select 2 instead of 3.

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