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  • Is there a way to increase the bottom padding of the menu? It seems to sit right on the scroll line and would look better with some bottom padding. I am using a child-theme & need the CSS to modify.

    Here’s my site.

    I checked your site, it looks like you are still using the old version, v1.0.

    The reason the menu is appearing under the logo is because it has too many menu items. You can try and shorten the text in the menu’s of make some as drop downs.

    You can then tweak spacing and padding using some custom CSS in the Custom Code area of Integral Options.

    I just added you as an Admin to the site. Would love to get it updated to the new version. I updated the menu items and they don’t double-up now. Please look at the spacing above the page title and the menu. It slightly rolls up under the menu. Can the page title be padded on top a bit?

    Thanks for your help.


    I logged in and tried to do a backup using the Duplicator plugin but it doesn’t support it. I see you are using a installation of WordPress.

    I think it may be better for you to create a seperate install of WordPress, install the new version theme and then migrate your changes over. Or if you have full access to your hosting panel I can do it that way. I need access to the database and the files in order to make a backup.

    As for the menu, view our demo and you will see what I mean,

    If you want to add more padding on the logo you can do it in the style.css file.

    I actually installed WP via cPanel using the Softaculous App Installer. This is the way I’ve done every WP installation across all of my sites, with no problems. At this point, what would be the benefit of completely reinstalling WP?

    If you can provide cpanel access I can do the necessary backup.

    It’s ALWAYS recommended to do a backup when making changes like this.

    Updating the theme should not delete an of your data but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

    Also, in version 1.0 the content sections (About, Services, Contact text) are edited in the Options Panel. In the new version it’s done thru pages. So whatever content you have in there you will need to migrate to a page. Which is why it’s probably better to install a fresh version, migrate your content then change the URL.

    I resized my logo to the recommended size, shortened the page titles and everything fits nicely now. I’m going to leave well enough alone. Thanks for your help!

    Your welcome!

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