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  • Greetings,

    Having a good time with Integral-Pro so far. I’ve read the response about configuring the menu items when going from the Demo to Pro. Is it possible to get the menu and test it when running a local copy on XAMPP? The file structure is as follows:


    I’ve tried a few combinations, but can’t seem to get it working locally.


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    Have you tried just using


    Without adding an absolute URL?

    I am guessing you have if you read the previous thread.

    We had to code the menu to be able to be clicked from a secondary page and go to the homepage and to the appropriate section when clicking a menu item. So it’s possible the script is not seeing an actual URL to redirect too. You may have to wait until it’s on a remote server.

    if you use just


    It should work on the homepage, just not from secondary pages.

    Many thanks, Hans

    Yes, tried the /#about and that didn’t work – returned a fatal error.

    Tried several variants of the internal URL without success as well.

    Will give #about a try, but if that doesn’t work we’ll just build the menu and wait to host the site is on the remote server – quite sure it will work with the /#about tags when hosted.

    Appreciate your prompt help with this!

    Yes it definitely will work on a remote server.

    You’re Welcome!

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