• Hi,
    First time using your theme Integral. Amazing. Thank you for making it. Really professional. I have two questions about the menu.

    1. FOR MOBILE SITE: When the site is showing on mobile, the menu will not collapse back when you for example click on about us. The page will go to #aboutus, but the responsive menu will not collapse back. Any suggestions?

    2. FOR DESKTOP VERSION: I have increased the logo size to the double of the original size. This causes the menu alignment to be still in top. I want to get the menu centered vertically also. Any suggestions?

    Thank you


    Hello @alirizvi

    Glad you like it 🙂

    1. Yes this is because the menu links are anchors and the page doesn’t refresh when it scrolls down. We have changed this behavior in the latest update of Integral which will be released in a few days.

    2. Yes you can adjust the menu’s top padding with some CSS. Use this code in Appearance > Customize > Custom CSS. Adjust the number of px’s according to your needs.

    .navbar-default .navbar-nav {
    padding-top: 23px;

    Hi, thank you It worked.Do you have any date for latest release?

    I have another question about if I want to change det author font in testimonials, how can I do it? I want to use Google Font, for example TAngerine?

    Best regards

    And btw if I want to change only the background color of blog section. Where to change it?


    Hello @alirizvi

    You can install the Google Fonts plugin like

    Then you can edit the style.css file for the font you want to use.

    This goes the same for the background color of a section.

    You can edit the style.css file to achieve what you desire.


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