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  • HI I migrated my wordpress to another server. I see in the source code (under IE) that I have old meta tags. Meta tag manager does not see it. What I should modify to remove them?
    I guess adding new ones can be done by Meta tag manager


    Sorry this post is related to Integra Pro version

    Hello Lech,

    This is not a theme related question, more of a core WordPress or plugin territory.

    Are you using a plugin to manage your meta tags?


    yes, there was one, but the one on the new server do not see them and I have no idea where to look for to remove them from the code


    Hello Lech,

    Just to clarify you are referring to the meta tags which appear in the header of your site, correct?

    You can try disabling plugins one by one until the meta tags disappear and see which plugin is triggering them.

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