mobile display help

  • a few items i need help with for mobile display –

    extra 1 – i am using this for the first module on page, but the title doesn’t display unless i add a ton of padding to the top, but then on mobile, it pushes everything down the page. also, i’m pulling in page content, where i am using a 2 column design with text and an image, but there is not much padding on mobile between image and text. can we do this with code?

    text widget in “single projects section” – the margins are almost non-existant on mobile, can we add padding to the text in this widget?

    features section – is right aligned on mobile – can we center?

    h2 big and small title styling – line height is large on mobile, i removed the line height, but its still displaying the same – can we adjust?


    Can you provide a link to your site so I can have a look?

    we have two:

    COVID-19 Response

    most timely is the features being right aligned on mobile –


    I am seeing 1 link but not 2. The first being

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