Mobile Menu

  • Couple of things with the navbar:

    – Could we make it so that there is an option to allow background color change when hamburger menu is clicked on mobile. As currently when at the top of the page on mobile and the hamburger menu is pressed. You cannot read any of the text on top of it. Similar to how it changes to white on scroll but also for on-click of hamburger menu

    – Could we also have a feature that allows you to chose collapse on scroll. So if you scroll whilst the hamburger menu is open on mobile it automatically collapses the menu or if you select an item and it scrolls on the one-page that it automatically collapses the menu to a closed state.

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    Yes, I am currently working on these 2 features and will release an update in the next few days.

    The update will address both items you mentioned.


    Update has been released.

    Let me know if you encounter any issues.

    Make sure to clear you browser cookies and cache after the update.

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