Mobile site with wrong menu

  • Hello,
    I am starting to regret having bought this theme.

    The mobile site shows the wrong menu even if all settings are OK.

    Hello @stefania,

    I am sorry to hear that you are having issues with our product.

    Could you share with me (temporary) administrator credentials to your site?

    Please do not forget to mark reply as private.


    Why do you need that?
    The redux plugin is not working as the options are greyed out.

    Oh, this is about the mobile website. Same.

    Hello @stefania,

    It would be much easier to investigate your issue, if I had access to your dashboard.

    Could you deactivate all plugins except the ones needed by the theme, to see if it is not caused by some incompatibility with external plugin?

    If it is not possible to share administrator credentials with me, could you tell me what PHP version are you running on your server and if there are any errors in the JavaScript console?

    Thank you,

    I deactivate all the plugins except the ones used in the theme.
    There are no errors in the JS console.

    The issues are:
    – I set a certain menu but on the mobile site I see another menu that is not set anywhere.
    – I cannot change typography in the paralle pro options. The options are greyed out.

    If I click on “Inspect element” on a part of the options panel, I can change the typography there, like in debugging mode. That is strange.

    PHP version: native (5.4)

    Hello @stefania,

    WordPress need at least PHP 5.6 to work properly. I am sure that upgrading to 5.6 will resolve your issues.


    now I have php 7.0 and the site is the same. I CANNOT change typography.

    I am now DEACTIVATING the theme and I want my money back.
    Please act accordingly. Thanks.

    Hello Stefania,

    There is clearly something wrong with your installation of WordPress because no other clients are having this issue.

    We are more than happy to find out what it could be, however, we need to have admin access so we can see what the configuration settings are. It will help us immensely to investigate the issue.

    We will only go in and investigate, we will not make any changes without your permission.

    Simply click “set as private reply” when responding to keep the admin user name and password private.

    I feel like I have wasted too much time already with this theme. My WordPress is the last update and the PHP is now the most recent too.

    I read in your FAQ section:

    If you wish to request a refund within 14 days of your purchase, you must complete these 3 steps.
    Deactivate your theme license
    Delete ALL theme files from your website
    Delete ALL theme files from your computer
    Once completed the steps send an email to support [at] requesting a refund and confirm in writing you have completed these 3 steps.

    I did this and I sent an email to the address indicated, so I am expecting a refund.
    Thank you for your understanding.

    Hello Stefania,

    Please check your email, I have responded.

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