Mobile version not right (responsiveness)

  • Hi, I created a new website with the Integral Pro template theme. I noticed that the mobile version is not showing up correctly, so the responsiveness of the theme is not ok in my opinion. On PC and tablet it shows like a normal website and all is ok. But on the mobile phones it can’t handle the header/slider section. The text over the slides and the buttons in that locations show up over the Features section. The website is

    I can send you a screenshot of my phone, but I can’t attach it here I see. But you can check for yourself with the link I shared in the text.

    Hello @fkeuning

    In the Master Slider settings you need to set a minimum height for the slides so that it shows correctly on mobile. If you like you can send me the admin login credentials for your site to my email and I will do it for you. Send to [email protected].

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