Modifications in projects grid Widget

  • Hi,
    I would like to set a link in the projects title using the projects grid widget. It does not work by setting an HTML tag in the title box. Ideally, if I could also link to the same page by clicking on the image (instead of the picture zooming) it would be perfect.
    I would also like to have a custom css for the Project’s Title (another font than the body one…). Where can I add it ?
    Thanks for the support.


    Hello @george

    You can have those features by editing the theme files themselves.

    The projects grid widget code is located in a file entitled “project_grid_widget.php” located in /inc/widgets/ directory.

    You can change the font for the titles by using this CSS selector,

    .projects-grid h3

    You can use it in the Custom CSS field located in Integral Options > Custom Code.

    I hope that helps.

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    You’re welcome!

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