Navigation Bar Help Needed

  • Hi guys,

    I have a problem with my navigation bar. At the moment I have it set to transparent in the settings so that it blends with the background as the user scrolls down. Only thing is the text is black and when it hovers over a dark background, the text is not legible. Is there any way to automatically change the colour of text, when you scroll over a dark background and then revert back to original colour?


    You can set the color of the menu text but that may not help for dark background sections.

    In order to do what you want it will require customization.

    Personally, I wouldn’t recommend it since I don’t see if being worth the time and cost to do that.

    You can try playing around with the nav bar background and the menu text color to see if you can get something you like.

    Hi Hans,

    Ok will try that.

    Is there any chance I can speak with you 1-on-1 and go through my site, rather than using the support forums? Like maybe there is a live chat option?

    Hello @sasavva86

    We don’t have a live chat option but you can always send me an email and I will respond to each of your questions.

    My email is hello [at] themely [dot] com

    Or you can use the form on this page

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