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  • Hello,

    Is there a way/would it be possible to add navigation arrows to the Testimonial section of Integral Pro? I’m finding that some of my testimonials aren’t as lengthy as others, and adding arrows on either side of the section might help some readers make it through the section better.


    Hello Nick,

    Yes you can do that.

    You will need to add a bit of code to the custom.php file located in the sections folder of the theme.

    Between line 26 and 27 add the following,

    directionNav: true,

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    Hi Nick,

    Hmmm. ok.

    Can you give me the link to your website?

    Also, if you have any caching plugins make sure you have cleared it and also your browser cache.

    That will often hide changes until you clear it.

    Annoying I know :/

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    The navigation has been hidden because it wasn’t being used. You can display it again by editing the CSS code. Look in the style.css file on line 827 for

    .testimonials .flex-direction-nav {display:none;}

    Comment it out like this

    /*.testimonials .flex-direction-nav {display:none;}*/

    That should do it.

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