No image & menu on home page

  • Hello,
    I activated Integral Pro. I set up the menu. I did set up the Background image on the Welcome page.
    Neither the menu nor the Background Image show up on the Home page. What am I missing?

    I included some images so that you can see things I’ve done:

    Hello Peter,

    Did you follow the setup instructions for the theme?

    It doesn’t look like it was properly configured.

    Go to Appearance > Setup Integral and follow the 3 steps.

    Then in your Admin Dashboard go to Integral Options tab and edit the theme there.

    Thank you,

    That partially solves my problem. However, there is one thing I was thinking about this morning.

    I updated one website with Integral Pro and it worked perfectly. Right after that I tried using the same ZIP file to create the website with which I am having problems.

    Do I have to buy a new Integral Pro for every new website I create?


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