# of team members in a row

  • Hi, I’m trying to hack the theme in order to display different number of teammates per row, depending on the device used (responsive).
    I could probably do this with a dirty CSS like .member {whatever !important;} but I’d prefer to do it clean, maybe using an additional class or ID (these are thinking out loud only).
    Could you please lead me to the most appropriate track ?
    Thanks !

    (sry for my English, FR here)
    Antoine [pro-registered]

    (Sorry for the multiple edits)
    Just to be clear, there’s already the bootstrap mechanism here but I’d like to add an extra level, like large = 3 medium = 2 xs = 1

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    Bonjour Antoine,

    Oui tu peut utiliser les classe Bootstrap.

    Tu dois changer les classe dans le fichier widgets.php sur la ligne # 90

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