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  • I appreciate that you kept the theme light and didn’t add a bunch of page templates and other bloat. BUT I would like to use a page builder plugin to do a handful of interior pages. I tried Beaver Builder and it doesn’t work. I reached out to their support and here’s what they said:

    I have just this moment installed the lite version of Integral and the issue is caused by the theme. The problem appears to be that the theme is loading their own and older version of jQuery UI which is causing a conflict. If you’re going to be using this theme, you will need to contact their support and inform them of the issue.

    I don’t know if it’s the Redux panel or something else maybe. Is this something you’d consider looking into? And/Or.. Would I have better luck with Visual Composer? Or do I need to abandon the idea of using a builder plugin altogether..



    Yes we will be changing this in the net release of Integral.

    We will be using the latest jQuery UI used by WordPress and not our own.

    This should be released in the next 7-10 days.

    That’s great news! Gives me time to mock up my pages 😉

    Is there any other reason you may think one builder would work better with Integral than the other?

    We actually haven’t tested any builders with Integral.

    The point of Integral was not to use builders in the first place.

    You can always try these

    And I totally appreciate that. I thought I could get a way with the one pager layout, but realize I do need some interior pages.

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