Parallax effect on Homepage

  • Hi, when I scroll down on homepage (with parallax effect activated) I can see when the background image ending it start again and the edge in this transition is very visible.
    You can see i´m talking about in your url demo
    Thank you!

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    Yes that will depend on the height of your image and is somewhat unavoidable.

    You can use an image with a larger height.

    Also, you can alter the rate by which the images scroll by editing the custom.php file located in the /sections folder.

    The code is from line 14-17 and you need to edit the number 0.3

    I have the same problem. It has nothing to do with the hight of the picture in my case. Even when turning back to the demo images it fails to do it right. Problem is that it does not start on top of the image. No matter which setting you choose. I saw you had this issue before and fixed it with an update. Now maybe this issue has returned with the latest update? I updated the theme this week with the lates version. Maybe something to check?


    Yes if you update the theme any changes you have made to the files themselves will be over-written.

    Which is why it’s often useful to use a child theme in order to make changes which will not be affected with parent theme updates.

    We include a child theme for Parallel in Appearance > Setup Integral > Child Themes tab.

    Can you provide a link to your website so I can have a look?

    I checked out the demo of Integral and I do not see an issue with the background image in the testimonials section.

    It was fixed with the latest update of the theme.

    And with the latest update the issue is back again on Integral…can you fix? And maybe think about doing regression testing when releasing an update? Thanks!

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