Parallel can't handle Integral content

  • Hi, I was figuring out which theme would be best for me. Integral or Parallel. Before I installed Integral and have a good set up. So today I tried to install Parallel, which went ok. But then it doesn’t show correctly. I assumed coming from the same developer that the content would be interchangeable. But it seems I have to do everything again for this theme. Or import seperate demo content even.

    Something to be done on this? Or just have to do this? Thanks.

    Kind regards, Fokko


    You can use the same pages and posts but the Widgets are not the same.

    Is that what you are referring to?

    Ok, I will have another look at the widgets.Then get back to you. Thanks so far.

    Hi, I was checking the widgets. For instance if I take the Features widgets. The help text says I should put a widget in with the name Parallel – Feature Widget. On the left in the screen there is no such widget. The same goes for the others like testemonials, team brands, etc.

    Ok, I just found out I had to install another plugin to get the extra widgets. Found it. Thanks!

    Ok, glad to hear you figured it out.

    Yes you must install Parallel Extensions plugin as well.

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