Parallel Pro

  • I am not sure where my ticket when from early this morning, I cannot edit my website with the template I purchased from you. It does not look a thing like it. I need assistance setting it up. I have followed all the videos down to a T. Please email me back in regards to how to resolve this matter since my site looks nothing like parallel pro’s template. The website it when you go there you will see the problem. I will provide my login to the Cpanel for this to be resolved today.

    Hello Jess,

    It doesn’t look like the one-page template has been set up.

    If you can send me the admin login credentials I can log in and do it for you.

    Hi Jessica,

    I received your email with the login credentials.

    I will reply to your email once it is done.

    Thank you, it is just really important that it is complete before this weekend for the launch. I appreciate it!

    No problem.

    I will take care of it now.

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