Parallel Pro: 3 side by side infographics

  • Hi There,

    I am trying to replicate like the theme demo with the first section (after welcome) to be three side by side area’s where I can put a small picture, a title and a sentence under each of the three areas. Please help!!
    Thank you so much


    First, make sure you have setup the one-page template as outlined in the setup instructions which can be found in your Admin Dashboard under Appearance > Setup Parallel.

    Then go to Appearance > Widgets and place Feature Widgets into the Features sidebar.

    You can also import the demo content in order to help you get started.

    Hope that helps.

    I set up the one-page template and began to move somethings around for my needs- So I didn’t need to import the demo content. But now I want to go back and do that so I can get a few things I am missing- I know this will erase the changes I have made but that is okay (because now I know what I want). But now, the “import demo” button will not take me anywhere. Please advice.


    To import the demo content make sure you have installed this plugin,

    Theme Demo Import

    It will not erase your data.

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