Parallel Pro (PAID VERSION)

  • The demo had menu going across upper rt hand corner. They are not there? How do I make the menu pop up?

    How do I make my social media icons pop up? I inserted my links, but not popping up.

    The uppper left – my brand name The Phronesis Group and the landing page: I want to change the font, when I went into appearance and font, it changed everything but these two sections.

    For testimonials, how do I insert the actual testimonials?

    How can I insert a PICTURE of my self in the Team Section, there is only 1 team member me. I was able to insert verbiage for my bio, but no area for picture.

    On the contact us page, is it possible to add a FAX icon and insert fax # info?

    Currently I disabled the DOWNLOAD NOW button on the main page. But would like to add my resume (pdf) as the item that is downloadable. Where do I upload the resume(pdf) to make this happen?

    THanks in advance.

    Jamie H. Kim
    The Phronesis Group
    [email protected]
    [email protected]

    Hello Jamie,

    In your Admin Dashboard navigate to Parallel Options Panel.

    There you will be able to control each section of the one-page template.

    There are instructions on how to add content and widgets, which control various aspects of those sections.

    You can also start by importing the live demo content which will help you get started.

    For instructions on how to do that navigate to Appearance > Setup Parallel Pro.

    If that doesn’t help please let me know.

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