Parallel Pro Site Settings Question

  • Recently I used the Parallel Pro theme for a new site ( and I am having two site identity issues with it:

    1. In the browser tab, instead of just showing the website name and tagline, it shows “Home – Orion Global Advisory” and no tagline. I’ve gone through all the settings that I can and compared between another website I built on Parallel Pro (, which shows “Ahlan International” followed by the tagline in its browser tab, and I cannot find any differences to explain this.

    2. The link preview for the new site only includes the site name followed by text from the Services widget instead of the tagline, without the logo. Link previews for the other site brings up the logo, site name, and tagline as expected.

    Please advise. Thank you.

    Hi @PittsterMedia I just checked both sites and it seems you may have figured it out already.

    It is most likely due to a SEO plugin you were using?

    Do you still need help with this?


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