Parallel Pro: Top Horizontal menu

  • Hi there,

    I see the top horizontal menu on my website, that each when clicked will go further down the page (which is perfect!) However, I wanted to change the title of those buttons at the top and also make sure they are going to the proper section for my needs, where can I find that?

    Because currently what I see in my “menu” area does not reflect what is active on my site. Thank you.

    Hello Haley,

    Each section has an ID which is hard coded into the files. They identify each section.

    You can change the ID of the sections directly within the files.

    In your Admin Dashboard navigate to Appearance > Editor and open the /sections folder.

    Locate the section file you wish to edit.

    At the top of the file you will see something like this (example):

    section id="features" class="features"

    Change the ID name to whatever you wish. Then you will be able to use that ID in your menu.

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