Portfolio Gallery as a Blog-type index/page

  • Hi – I’m trying to find a way to link out of the single/scrolling index page to a dedicated gallery page for my work, much the way you have provided a shop page type with an index of products and/or a blog index. I am using the wordpress ‘portfolio’ feature to create the unique projects I wish to feature. Is there a way to make a copy of the blog index, where I can see a listing of all of these projects? Second, is there a way to specify use of the full-width page template for the display of the individual projects so there are no sidebar elements?

    As you can see I am linking to my old site for a portfolio gallery – but I need to abandon my old site and so I am trying to gather all of my projects into your template without creating 50 gallery thumbnails on the main page! Thanks in advance! https://thomsonarchitecture.ca

    Ah! Nevermind – I just created a ‘Portfolio’ page, and the preview shows that if I specify your full-width Template page, I get a tidy ‘Archives’ index with all of my listed portfolio projects – so this is perfect. Is there an easy way to remove the sidebar elements so that I can see just the list of projects? Thanks in advance!

    Another quick, related question, where can I edit the title ‘Archives’ of this index to ‘Portfolio’??

    Hello @andyro

    If you have selected the full-width template then there should not be a right sidebar appearing.

    The archives is controlled by archive.php file.

    In your Admin Dashboard navigate to Appearance > Editor and select the archive.php file.

    Scroll own to line 34 and you can edit the text there.

    So made the change to ‘Portfolio’ no problem – thanks! I don’t understand why the page shows with the sidebar however – as I did select the full-width template – here is the page: https://www.thomsonarchitecture.ca/portfolio/

    Ok, so that is not technically a page, but an archive.

    Which is controlled by the archive.php file.

    So you will need to edit that file and remove the reference to the sidebar in that file.

    You will see the code to display the sidebar on line 93.

    Delete that line and save.

    Then on line 15 change col-md-8 to col-md-12

    Perfect – thank-you.

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