position titles and buttons in the welcome section

  • * I would like to position the buttons and titles of the welcome section downwards. Can you point me to the css code for that?
    * Secondly I would like to independently adjust these positions for mobile devices because the buttons and text spill over into the next section on mobile.
    * Is it also possible to hide one of the buttons on mobile?

    The only section that does not work well on mobile screens is the welcome section. The text and buttons are not responsive and spill over in the next section. These should be responsive with the default theme settings right?

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    The entire theme is responsive, the problem is most likely a settings issue.

    Are you using the Master Slider as a background for the welcome section?

    Yes, the master slider is used as the background

    Yes when using the Master Slider as the background from the Welcome section you need to set a fixed height on mobile devices. If you provide me with admin access to your site I will do it for you.

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    I logged into the site and fixed the issue.

    You needed to set a minimum height for the slider.

    See this screenshot for example https://www.dropbox.com/s/9nev6593xwpelek/master-slider.PNG?dl=0

    – okay I see what you did, but it’s not exactly the solution I’m looking for. changing the height of the slider does not effect the position of the title and buttons in the welcome section.

    – On my desktop the horizon of the background picture would fade away in the logo and menu just like it does now for the mobile screen. it seems as if the picture has shifted. hope you understand what I mean.

    * Is there a way to change the size of the hero lead text only for mobile screens? I tried to do this in css but it did not work.
    * also the button size i would like to change for mobile screens regarding only the welcome section.

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