Possible to add another services section

  • I would like to add another services section. Is it possible to have two? I tried using the brand section for what I was looking for, but it does not offer the same stuff that services does.

    If not possible to add another services section, what are my options?

    Is there a custom class I can add to Brand section to make it mimic the services section?

    Hello @themeglr

    My apologies for the delay in getting back to you.

    For some reason it seems I missed the notification or overlooked it. My apologies.

    To answer your question – it is possible to add another section but it will require customizing the theme files.

    In our Integral Pro theme we have 2 Extra sections which users can use for whatever they wish.

    However, Parallel Pro does not have this feature.

    But I am more than willing to add it.

    Can you provide access to your Admin Dashboard so I can log in and add the section?

    I have two sites, my staging (testing) and then final area (which has nothing yet). If you add it to the test site, will you also have to add to the final area?

    And thank you again for amazing support. Really like this theme.

    Hello @themeglr

    I believe I responded to your question via email, is that correct?

    You can copy the files to production once you are done in development.

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