Remove lines / underlining

  • Hi,

    Not 100% sure if this is theme related or wordpress/woocommerce related, but if you can send me in the right direction I will appreciate it.

    My client wants me to remove all the lines underneath widget headings in the sidebar, underneath titles of categories in the shop, and underneath the titles of items in the shop.

    If it can’t be removed is there may be a way in which to set the colour as transparent, and not use the standard theme colours?

    I’ve search all over the internet and tried various snippets of CSS – just cand find anything that does this.

    I hope this makes sense?

    Kind regards,


    Yes you can do this with some CSS code. Add the following to the Custom CSS field of the Custom Code section in the Integral Options Panel.

    .lite h2.smalltitle span, .sidebar h2:after, .content .entry-title:after, .stats, .calltoaction2, .tweets, h2.bigtitle:before, h2.bigtitle:after, h2.bigtitle_dark:before, h2.bigtitle_dark:after {
    display:none !important;

    I never thanked you for this – email ended up in junk and saw only weeks later and I missed your reply on the forum – but all worked, thank you!

    You’re welcome, glad it worked.

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