Reset Section leads to Reset All!..

  • Hi,

    I’m trying your Integral Lite theme and already love it, great theme!

    However, when I go into the Integral Settings – like the Testimonial section – and I change some settings but decide to reset that part by clicking on Reset Section (NOT ‘Reset All’), the result is that it doesn’t just reset that (Testimonial) setting but everything else on the homepage is reset as well..

    Strangely enough, some of it – like the header section – is reset to the last settings I had and not all the way to the defaults that come with the theme
    (so something is really going wrong but not even in a consistent way..very strange).

    Even more strange is that there’s suddenly no consistency between my settings done via
    “Appearance > Customize” and the more detailed Integral Options page (which is the one
    reverting back to older settings while the live editor from the Appearance section shows the correct
    ones, yet on the actual website it seems to be taking the older settings from the Integral Options instead).

    Any advice?

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    Hi @Robo

    Hmm very strange indeed.

    You are the first to report this so I would have to say make sure you have the following,

    1. Latest version of WordPress
    2. Installed the recommended plugins
    3. Properly configured the home page,

    I will do some tests on our development server here and see if I can replicate the issue.


    thanks for your response and hopefully it
    becomes clear how this happens.

    I did follow all the guides (the site wouldn’t work otherwise,
    as I noticed before I had set up everything correctly).

    It still persists btw.
    Almost everything like the skills to the footer
    sections are reverted back to either an earlier version
    of what I had or the theme’s defaults (the latter
    I think only because I hadn’t changed those sections yet).

    Even after refreshing and exiting the live editor,
    it doesn’t show the same data I put in as the
    detailed Integral options (and things only correctly
    update when I change them there, not when I do it
    in the customization live editor from the Appearance menu).


    Can you provide me with admin access to the site so I can go in and test it out?

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