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  • I am new to this theme. I am trying to add a button to a widget. Say to the services wedget I would like to have two buttons below each service and it currently only has one.

    Thank You

    Hi Trent,

    It can be done but will require customizing the code of the Serenity Extensions plugin which is what controls the widgets for each section.

    If you can provide me with admin access to your site I can log in and add the option for a 2nd button.

    I will need your username and password.

    You can select Set as private reply when responding.

    THanks for getting back so quick

    Ihave created a dummy site to learn how to use the theme. I will be reloading the theme on myrealwordpress sight thisweekend.

    I would assume that if youa added the buttons then they would disappear when I reloadthe sight live, is that correct?

    If yes let me get the real sight loaded and then I will have you add the buttons


    Hi Trent,

    Yes, unless you copy over the theme files to the live site then the changes won’t appear on the new site.

    Once you have the live site up and ready I can log in and make the changes for you there.

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