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  • Your message in the theme: “Projects are created using Widgets. Go to APPEARANCE > Widgets and locate [Homepage Projects Section]. Add widgets entitled [Integral – Single Project Widget] to this area to add projects. Add as many as you like.”

    When I go to APPEARENCE > Widgets I don’t locate “Homepage Projects Section”, only appear “Single Project Widget”. So when I complete the Single Projects all appear one above the other, I don’t know how configured the slider.



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    Hello @arantxa

    When you go to APPEARANCE > Widgets there is a sidebar section entitled “Homepage Single Projects Section”. This is below the “Homepage Features Section”.

    Simply drag and drop the widgets entitled “Integral – Single Project Widget” to that area. You can upload multiple images and create a gallery. This will automatically enable the slider.

    I hope this helps.

    Thanks Hans! Now I understand 🙂

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