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  • The Testimonial Widget won’t accept my images. I can upload and add them, hit the “Done” button, but when I leave the page, the image link disappears. The “Saved” button is never selectable; it’s grayed out. This happens whether I use the Widgets page or the Customize option under Appearance.

    I’ve used this feature in the past with no problem. I’ve tried using Chrome, Firefox and Edge and have the same problem in each browser.


    Can you tell me which version of Integral Pro you are using.

    I do remember us fixing this issue in an earlier update.

    If you have activated your license key you should be able to update the theme to the latest version.

    Well, I hadn’t entered my license key so I did that and upgraded to 1.4.7. But the problem is still there. I logged out of WordPress and back in but that didn’t help.

    Ok, can you provide me with Admin access to your site so I can log in and see what the issue is?

    I will need the website URL, admin username and password.

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    Hi Susan,

    I think the issue you had was the caching because of the SG Optimizer plugin.

    So disabled 2 plugins and was able to upload the images for the testimonials.

    I did it for all 3.

    When developing a site you must disable all caching because when you make a change on the site you won’t see if reflected on the front-end until you clear the cache.

    If you need further help, let me know.

    Thank you so much! I should have known that as I’ve had the issue before; all the other changes I made seemed to be appearing immediately.

    Thanks again!


    You’re welcome Susan 🙂

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