Testimonial Not Sliding

  • I know this is something I have brought upon myself but could you please help me to identify this issue?

    My testimonial slider doesn’t seem to be functioning and I think it’s something I’ve done with the formatting of the script but I can’t seem to find where to amend.

    The page is https://www.gclproducts.co.uk/x-grid

    and the element inspector error I get is (which I get on a number of scripts, I think they’ve been overwritten by an “optimised” version or incorrectly formatted :

    Uncaught TypeError: $ is not a function

    I just need to know which files I need to overwrite or amend manually but any help would be hugely appreciated.

    Hello there,

    It seems that you are loading minified versions of scripts. Could you flush your cache and turn off the caching plugin to see if it works?

    If it won’t work, could you try disabling all plugins except needed by Integral?

    Thank you,

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