Title not showing

  • Hi,

    I have installed the plugin Modern Events Calendar Lite when I create an event it not showing the Title. I am using a child thema and I am using a style.css.

    The following link show the issue: https://vkdp.nl/evenementen/how-to-mobilize-the-will/

    How can this changed so that I can see the Title.



    Hello Rob,

    The problem is your logo image is too wide and pushes the menu below.

    Another solution is to add a top margin to the content, like this,

    .mec-events-template-default .main-content {margin-top:100px;}

    Add this in your Admin Dashboard > Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS.


    This doesn’t do the trick but from the plugin developer I have received this;

    Thank you for contacting us and using MEC.
    This issue is related to your current theme.
    Please put thiscode in Plugin Options > Custom CSS :
    article.row.mec-single-event {
    margin-top: 19%;

    This seems to be working.

    When do you use the style.css with a child theme or is this not anymore necessary?



    Yes it is always recommended to use a child theme however, if you add custom CSS in the Additional CSS field in the Customizer, it won’t get over-written when you update.

    So what you’ve done is ok.

    Hi Thanks,

    Ticket can be closed.



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