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  • Hi there,

    Finally WPML team found the problem.
    Here what they said I think it could help you guys :
    Les chaînes de votre thème se trouvent sous le domaine “admin_texts_parallel”. L’auteur de votre thème, malgré avoir créé un fichier wpml-config.xml, avaient ajouté des mauvaises balises donc le fichier ne fonctionnait pas.
    Je viens de modifier ce fichier et désormais les chaînes s’afficher pour la traduction.

    Sorry That’s in French if you want an english translation now I can do it lol ;-).

    Thanks again for your Help.

    Hope now I’m gonna be able to finish my things.



    Bonjour Thierry,

    Yes I understand what they said.

    Ok, so good that you were able to figure it out.

    I would like to see the changes they made so we can modify it on our end so that others won’t have this same problem in the future.

    Would you mind providing us with the contents of the wpml-config.xml file?

    We will fix this and it will be included in future updates of the theme.

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